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Our marketing strategy process   

A good marketing strategy ensures you're clear on who you are as a business, your brand, your value proposition, positioning, marketing channels, and your audience (hint: it's not everyone!). It's your north star that guides your marketing and supports your business as you grow.

Deep Dive Discovery

We always start with research. During the discovery phase, we'll become an expert on your business and your audience.

Audit & Brand Assessment

In our world, brand leads everything. We'll conduct a thorough audit of your marketing efforts to date, your current tech and marketing processes, and your overall brand. 

Environmental Scan

We'll not only become an expert on your business, we'll get to know your competitors too, giving us a clear picture of how you stack up against them, areas of differentiation, strengths, and opportunities. 

Strategy Development

Armed with insights from our discovery, audit, and environmental scan, we'll craft your unique strategy. This blueprint will map out everything you need to reach your goals. 

Your strategy will identify your


Your brand’s north star. Your vision, mission, and values, so your team and partners know what you stand for and where you’re heading.

Place in the World

We’ll clearly define your value proposition, why your audience chooses you, and where you can differentiate from competitors.


Our team will identify your target audience segments and key messaging tailored specifically to them, ensuring your brand resonates and propels them toward conversion.

Strategy & Goals

Your marketing strategy, goals, and roadmap to achieving those goals are mapped out. We even include sample creative, messaging, resources, and checklists.

Channels & Channel Strategies

We almost always recommend a multi-channel approach. And, each channel has its own strategy and role to play. We'll map that out for you too, ensuring your ongoing success.  

Marketing Consulting

Senior marketing support, when you need it.
If you're feeling overwhelmed with your marketing, unclear on what's working and what isn't, or looking for a cost-effective way to bring in senior marketing guidance to support and mentor junior staff—we can help.

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