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How we help non-profits

In the non-profit world, every action matters. Your mission is crucial, and your message needs to be heard. But with a small team and limited resources, marketing can be daunting. That's where we step in. As your dedicated marketing partner, we're hear to turn your marketing from a challenge into a powerful tool for change.

Strategy & Consulting

We'll create a tailored marketing strategy for your non-profit and guide your team through its implementation. Our support extends to training your junior communications staff and advising your leadership team to ensure seamless execution of the strategy.

Social Media

Social media can amplify your message. Our team can manage your social media presence for you, engageing your audience and building a community around your mission.

Content Marketing

From creating key messages to video production and graphic design, we handle all aspects of content marketing. Our team creates compelling blogs, email marketing campaigns, and collateral to effectively communicate your message.

Website Design & Development

We design and develop websites that not only look great but also serve a purpose. Our team ensures your website is a powerful tool for engagement, donation, and spreading awareness about your cause.

Google Ads Grant Set Up & Management

Maximize your visibility with the Google Ads Grant. We'll handle the set-up and management, helping you reach a wider audience and drive more impact.

The Process

With us, you're not just hoping for results; you're making data-driven decisions that lead to real, measurable impact.

Deep Dive Discovery

We immerse ourselves in your world to ensure our strategies align with your mission. This involves researching your cause, understanding your audience, and auditing your existing presence, tools, and competitors. 

Strategy & Roadmap to Success

We map out a clear path to your goals. We’ll identify priorities and develop a comprehensive strategy to achieve them. This ensures that every step we take is a step towards success for your non-profit.

Project Management

Each of your marketing priorities is broken down into actionable steps. This is where we prepare detailed briefs and organize everything in our project management software to keep things on budget, organized, and on time. 

Messaging & Creative

Our team works together to create compelling content for your non-profit. Every piece of content will align with your mission, the strategy, and resonate with your audience.

Flawless Execution

We don’t just create content; we make sure it reaches your audience. We handle everything from distribution to launching campaigns and daily management, ensuring your marketing efforts are always on point.

Data-Driven Optimization

We believe in the power of data. Our team reviews your results, identifies what’s working, and optimizes based on these insights. We’re committed to driving impact for your non-profit.

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