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We work across industries with businesses and organizations that prioritize a better world and uphold ethical values.

Our philosophy & approach

We're more than just an external agency; we're part of your team. Our approach blends brand strategy, content marketing, 
and digital marketing— ensuring we drive growth, establish authority, and help our clients leave a lasting impression. Grounded in shared values, 
we cultivate partnerships through open communication and a joint vision. This anchors our long-standing client relationships and drives results.

Be what we want to see

Positivity, integrity, and empathy matter. We show up as our best selves for our clients and each other. We believe our work should be fun, inspiring, and have a positive impact. We know that balance creates happier, healthier humans, and so we only take on projects we believe in.  

Always evolving

Stay curious, keep evolving, and embrace growth. We believe that’s how you succeed at work and in life. We support and challenge ourselves and our clients in reaching our potential. Marketing is constantly changing and evolving, and so are we.

Authenticity leads the way

Real strength lies in authenticity and integrity. We’ll always be honest — even about the hard stuff (a little tough love isn’t a bad thing!). Our communications are clear and genuine, and although we may be bold, we communicate with a commitment to what's right for our clients and our community.

Founded by Jessica Perreault, 
Lead Strategist

Jessica is a marketing expert who fuels growth and awareness for organizations of all sizes. Her capacity to quickly understand an organization’s business goals, alongside its strategic objectives and turn that information into tangible, result-oriented marketing strategies is what sets Sidepony apart. A strong strategist and content marketer who believes content marketing (when done well) is the silver bullet for almost every business. Jessica leads our team and ensures our clients, team, and partners are thriving.

Jessica Perreault

Supported by the rest of our talented team

Morgan Dunbar, Creative Director

Morgan is a print and digital designer experienced with solving user and client needs through comprehensive and professional graphic design. A magician, when it comes to understanding what our clients want visually, Morgan leads the creative development of all Sidepony projects, resulting in thoughtful, beautiful work. From movie set props to high-end PDF documents to beautiful corporate branding, Morgan is our creative genius.

Morgan Dunbar

Amanda Lutz, Full Stack Developer

Amanda has 18+ years of experience writing custom code. She has the unique ability to discuss technical concepts and functionality with non-technical people. She's worked with companies like RBC, Old Navy, Chevrolet, Canon and more. Amanda custom-builds websites that are easy for our clients to manage and that are designed for users AND search. From full website projects to custom code for object-oriented gaming—she's done it all.

Bailey D'Angelo, Marketing Operations Manager

Process-driven with fantastic attention to detail, Bailey evaluates, implements, and manages the marketing technology stack, including automation platforms, analytics, and all other software used to drive growth for Sidepony and our clients. Her ability to streamline marketing workflows to perfection ensures a seamless experience.

Chris Perreault, Videographer

Chris is our videographer, and he loves a great edit. Extremely creative and laid back, Chris ensures our clients feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. He leads all aspects of video creation for our clients. From brand shoots and customer testimonials to stop-motion, product videos, and drone footage, he’s the master of all things related to video content. 

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